Dans l’herbe des 3 vallées

Explore yesteryear 3 paper valleys and discover these establishments, their history, landscapes of Ambert’s valley.

With your pocket game, pick up 20 prints in two tours, feasible on bike or by car.

Bring your marks at the Tourist Office of Ambert or Mill Richard de Bas, you will benefit : free entries for museums, discounts and gift certificates that you can use at different partner of your game.

Buy right now the game cover for only 5€ On-sale at :

Office de Tourisme du pays d’Ambert 4 place de l’Hôtel de Ville 63600 AMBERT Tél. 04 73 82 61 90 Moulin Richard de Bas 63600 AMBERT Tél. 04 73 82 03 11 www.richarddebas.fr