Fishing in Livradois-Forez

New family experience : a fishing in fishy and clear waters of Livradois .... For fans, the Livradois is a must for fishermen !

Since we arrived in Ambert, Romain wanted to learn about fishing. This is done today. Roman and his father share a close moment : a day of fishing in the river Dore. They could go fishing at the edge of Ance, but for an introduction to fishing, La Dore and its small streams are better.

The fishy and clear waters of Livradois are conducive for a good fishing party.

We dream already good catches of brown trout, carp, pike ... Both sat on the small wooden bridge over La Dore, Roman and his father waiting patiently ... The water is so clear that even saw a crayfish ... And their patience will be rewarded : they will not return empty-handed at home but with two beautiful trout caught in La Dore. Roman proudly displays his « trophies » .... another great adventure to tell your friends that part of fishing with dad in the river Dore !