Libre à toi U.L.M

Libre à toi ... ULM (free to you ... Ultra Lightless Motorized), in family, between friends or even in groups. Get ready at Poyet, at the aerodrome.

We welcome you all year in one of the most important professional school of Auvergne, based on Ambert’s aerodrome. Shed of 840 m², garage soon workshop, WC, dormitory and convivial room.

Discover flight pleasure thanks to mainden flight on Forez mountains or training yourself to pilot pendulums and multi-axes with parachutes.

Theoretical training : Saturday and Monday mornings. Possibility to rent at an important cost a plane for certified pilots. Aerial works.

Libre à toi...ULM
Jean-Michel SERRE
Tél : +33(0)6 16 91 37 41