Rent a canoe at the stretch water of Ambert.

Having tasted the joys of hiking and biking in Livradois-Forez, pleasures canoe output at the stretch water of Ambert. Near Ambert’s city center a playful green space, ideal to relax and unwind. Just 5 minutes from downtown.

Today we decided to enjoy the sun and spend

a quiet day at the edge of stretch of Water of Ambert.

Good thing, it is located next to the local campsite where we stay and we can go quietly walk along a narrow path along the river La Dore. Ambert’s city-cener is close but we feel in the heart of nature with this great wooded area at the edge of La Dore. In addition to swimming and games, there is even a pond where you can fish.

For Marie and me, our daily challenge, and introduction to canoeing. To start on this calm water, it’s cool. Marie takes this first experience very seriously, me, a little less, and after al it’s not so difficult. After the efforts, we deserve rest and snack at the edge of stretch water of Ambert. Despite the fatigue we decided to stay for tonight at the stretch water of Ambert, concert on terrace of a rock band. Ideal for extending nicely this afternoon at the stretch wter of Ambert.