L’île aux crayons

First the pleasure ... Th pleasure of making pencils and to share them the pleasure to welcome and to see you again. At l’île aux crayons, it’s holidays everyday. It’s warm in winter and it’s cool in summer : the entry is free, you can sit down, we learn, we discover, we marvel and we enjoy because to smile is another way to show teeth ...

Île aux crayons will be 15 years old and we make objtcts which write. You don’t need an internship or a training to write. A pencil leaves always track, it’s better than a computer which hasn’t any story.

Île aux crayons makes pencils of wood, in oour beautiful Auvergne, there is so much biodiversity.

In 2014, Île aux crayons :

  • in May 2, 3, 9, 10, 30, 31.
  • from 7 July and 29 August : Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 15 pm to 17 pm.

Supplementary visits to consult on www.routedesmetier.fr Groups welcome from April to October only on reservation.

L’Île aux Crayons - Patrick TOURRE 29 avenue Rhin et Danube - 63880 OLLIERGUES (en face de l’office de tourisme) Tél. 04 73 72 92 49 (répondeur) / 09 54 87 05 64 (atelier) www.ileauxcrayons.com ileauxcrayon@gmail.com www.routedesmetiers.fr