Gourmet walk in Ambert city-center

What better than a walk in the historic streets of Ambert, discovering wood house, shops which are in the heart of Ambert, you will be interested in so many things that you won’t have time to be bored.

Today, a walk in Ambert city-center, postcards for friends and family and for us pizza of Fourme.

We are in Ambert since 2 days and Marie can’t stay without shopping. We are now shopping in Ambert city-center shops. For Marie a new outfit with an accorded bag and for William discovery of soil products, charcuterie and cheeses of Ambert. We are attracted by so many things that we decided to eat a pizza of Fourme. And after do we take as dessert « tarts with blueberries » or nougat ? Why not both ? And now time to choose postcards and write to parents and friends, on a terrace bar where refreshments are served.