Shopping and relaxation in Ambert city-center

These holidays won’t be perfect without doing a little shopping in these sympathical streets of the old city-center of Ambert. Our aim : stroll and indulge without depriving ourselves.

As each of holidays, we do some shopping : we have to buy some presents for our grandchildren and also little memories for us. Mister throws a tantrum : determined to buy a knife, he goes to Thiers. I enjoy to stroll in the streets of Ambert, all the afternoon.

Streets of Ambert city-center are really enjoyable to stroll and keep an eye on shops.

Jewellery store, perfumerie, decoration stores and memories stores, any store escape from me. Finally, I am decided to enter a store of sumptuous hats. I buy a beautiful black hat which will be well accorded to my outfit for the Festival de Musique Classique de la Chaise-Dieu (Classical Music Festival of La Chaise-Dieu) .

SMS, mister has finally found his knife. Returning from Thiers, we fix and appointment on a typical restaurant terrace of Ambert city-center. During I show him all that I bought today, he sent a mail to our grandchildrn telling them our news.

"Our stay in Auvergne was one the most enjoyable holidays that we spent. We stayed in Ambert few days : pedestrian hikes, balloon-on-air, romantic dinners, we enjoy our holidays in Auvergne. Kiss ! Grandpa and grandma ! PS : Grandpa has throwed a tantrum, this time it was a knife.