Ambert, a countryside city

The only round hall town in Europe ; mills of the paper ; Chabrier and Vialatte for famous men, even today ; the railroad ... and Fourme. So many things to discover during pleasant walks. Throughout the year, Ambert invites you to travel ..

Since its Gallo-Roman origins , near Dore (Ambert owes its name to the ford crossing the river, Amberitos Gallic ) , the town of Ambert known in the Middle Ages various phases of construction and extension to location of the current city center. Ambert in the 15th century underwent a major phase of development, particularly related to the development of stationery but also tanning and weaving. This growth is accompanied by the construction of the church of Saint John the Baptist from 1471 to 1550. During the 16th century religious wars put a brake this growth and Ambert fell to Captain Merle Protestant troops in 1577 and was taken over by the royal troops . Economic recovery of the 17th century is based on the quality of the paper industry , with over 60 mills, providing a highly sought throughout Europe paper. This development is linked to the development of printing Lyonnaise . The French Revolution marked the beginning of the decline of stationery Ambert , failing to have adapted to technical changes. Only the Moulin Richard de Bas, witness this flourishing age , still open to visitors. Trimmings and weaving took over the paper. Today, these techniques from ancient skills have been replaced by advanced technical adaptations , including distinguished industry braid of high technology. Ambert was also an important production area of the Rosary 19th to mid 20th century. Reputation for its rosaries Ambert had a worldwide reputation , which today leaves little trace.

The only round town hall in Europe ; mills of paper ; Chabrier and Vialatte for famous men, even today ; the railroad ... and Fourme.

By car, you can browse through the centuries : the dolmen Boisseyre (on the road to Saint Amant Roche Savine) Moulin Richard de Bas in the valley of Lagat. So many things to discover during your rides ! In July and August, the Tourist Office of the country of Ambert offers themed guided tours of the town of Ambert. Throughout the year for groups by reservation.