The « pearl of Forez », Valcivières

Valcivières is in the heart of Mons du Forez, about 10 km from Ambert. Valcivières town gives you the opportunity to admire huge and exceptional landscapes. It represents a very good place for those who want to do some walks in summer and ski in winter. Valcivières has two types of territory, one which is adapted for tourists and the other for craft works.

Valcivières, « the pearl of Forez » is a mountainous town. Despite its sloping path, it became a real big community of craft.

In order to answer craft land’s needs, Valcivières’s inhabitants had to improve heights and created Hautes Chaules (protected and labeled landmark NATURA 2000).

This huge territory, when summer came, welcame many herd of bovine to make their cheese, the Fourme. The craft activity was around « jasserie » (farm which was on mountain and where women produced their cheese thanks to their animals). Even if this type of work has decreased, young craft men continue to practice this « jasserie » life, to rpoduce meat and milk of quality.

The Col des Supeyres allows us to discover the Huates Chaumes, on foot , on mountain bike, on horse but also on snowshoe and ski in winter.

Mairie de Valcivières Le Bourg - 63600 VALCIVIERES Tél. 04 73 82 13 09