Thiolières, a rural and natural setting

Thiolières is from tegulariae in latin. At the 14th century, during religious wars, Thiolières suffered of Merle’s army. Until 19th century they weawed muslims and hessians and they went to Ambert to sell them.

A pedestrian hike from Thiolières, allows to discover the hamlets of the town and to understand the importance of craft work in 19th century. To meet inhabitants ’s needs, lands were very important. The craft united lifestock farming and cereal’s production which often mix with forest activity. Some of inhabitants leaved the city to be able to find some work.

The proximity of Valcivières from Ambert (10 minutes from Thiolières) and the charming rural and natural setting make Thiolières an ideal place to welcome new families.

You will enjoy this sauvage nature, hamlets and mountains if you are amateurs of pedestrian hike, on foot or mountain bike. You will admire the view on Monts du Forez and Dore’s valley.

Take the time to discover patrimony richness of cities and burgs of Regional Natural Park of Livradois-Forez.

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