Trains de la Découverte

AGRIVAP invite you to travel over the rails, 85 km , in the heart of a preserved nature in the Regional Natural Park of Livradois-Forez. Come on, ready for a trip.

With AGRIVAP, the « Trains de la Découverte » show you another way to travel. The « Trains de la Découverte » will make you travel from viaducs to tunnels, you will be marveled by the beautiful landscapes of Livradois-Forez.

Your travel will be rich in sensations and travels, you will apreciate the authentic train path. You can travel with « Picasso » « Bleu d’Auvergne » or stream train. You will explore th nature by train.

AGRIVAP is the longest touristic line of France. Each summer, the touristic train travel near all day from Ambert or Oliiergues.

You can take « Trains de la Découverte » from 1st March to 1st November. Come on and live an incredible trip.

AGRIVAP Train Touristique La Gare - Place Jean-Berne - 63600 Ambert Tél. 04 73 82 43 88