Welcome to Job

Job is a huge town of 4200 acreas for 1100 inhabitants. Job’s town is at 500 meters altitude until Pierre sur Haute, at 1634 meters altitude. Pierre sur Haute is the top of Mons du Forez.

Job town, located few km from Ambert, offers diversified landscapes, from Hautes Chaumes to Forez’s crest.

You can also enjoy accommodations, catering, craft firms, shop in Job. Job is really a welcoming town.

Job and its historical building :

  • Dolmen de la Pierre Cuberte
  • Saint-Loup Church : Brochure on sale at Job Burg
  • Chapelle des Reux : Woodwind Statue of 15th century
  • Job Castle : Rennaissance style, built at 1875, located at Mélèzes Park of Job.

Natural landmarks of Job :

  • Rocher de la Volpie : Panorama on Ambert and Monts du Livradois
  • Vallée Glaciaire du Fossat, protected landmarks (1236-1540 meters altitude)
  • Hautes Chaumes of Forez, exceptional fauna and flaura

Job and open air activities :

  • pedestrian hike and mountain bike in marked paths
  • pedestrian hikes and organized mounatin bike
  • climbing : Rocher de la Volpie
  • free flight, hang-gliding, para-gliding
  • tennis, mini-golf, area for children
  • ski.

Syndicat d’Initiative de Job Mairie de Job Le Bourg - 63990 JOB Tél. 04 73 82 07 36 www.cc-ambert.com