Ambert viewed from above

In Auvergne, you have the chance to do so many different things that make your holidays unforgotable. Today, dad tries a big adventure : maiden flight to discover Ambert, viewed from above...

Thrills and emotions are guaranteed ... Ten o’clock. Go to the airfield of Poyet, just a few kms from Ambert’s town to make a surprise for dad, it’s his birthday. Indeed, yesterday Mom gave his a maiden flight in light aircraft. Flying over tourism in the company of a member of the Aero Club of Livradois, a part of Regional Natural Park of Livradois-Forez.

Monts du Forez in Livradois, through the Hautes-Chaumes of Forez and Ambert city-center, the Regional Natural Park awaits you.

After 45 minutes of flight, dad descends feet on the ground and really excited by this maiden flight of the air plane over Livradois-Forez.

"It’s amazing, we even flow grandpa and grandma’s home. You really see thing differently, viewed from above. Next time we will do this in family, and why not balloon this time ?"