Round the world trip in 80 minutes

Garden « pour la terre à Arlanc » (15 kilometers south of Ambert, between Ambert and Chaise-Dieu), an invitation to travel ... Ready for a round world trip in 80 minutes .. . From America to Oceania, through Africa, we invite you to travel.

As the great explorers of past centuries, as Columbus and Vasco de Gama, we start to explore unknown lands. Our starting point, Arlanc the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Livradois. To start this tour of the Garden « pour la terre à Arlanc », focus on the American continent. Quebec to Buenos Aires, maple syrup to peanut. Our world tour continues in the footsteps of Vasco da Gama and Magellan, the Arab garden eucalyptus Oceania. And Marco Polo then ? ... Cap on the Asian continent and the Japanese garden. To close this round world trip in 80 minutes through Europe and reproduction of 90th mushrooms .

Visit the Garden « pour la terre à Arlanc », a geography lesson size without having to travel thousands of kilometers. Here we can see, feel and touch (very carefully of course), plants and plant species worldwide.