Chapelle - Musée des Pénitents Blancs du Livradois

Chapel-Museum of the White Penitents : Share mysteries of white penitents brotherhood of the Livradois.

White peniten museum, established in a 11th century norman church, presents a collection of religious objects and procession emblems, unique in France.

A commented and a sound added retrospective, shows the office celebration with penitent in their stall. A diaporama reconstitutes the procession of darkness where participants become ghosts with bags and hats and entrance you in the 18th century, ful of mystery.

Open in July/August. Open all days from 14h30 to 18h00. Out of season : on reservation Costs : 2.5€/adult and free for children (-13 years old)

Chapelle-musée des Pénitents Blancs Le Bourg 63940 MARSAC EN LIVRADOIS Tél : 04 73 95 60 08 (mairie)