Mus’energy, museum of engine power and energy is at your disposal.

First of all, the museum presents us an important collection of mobil and fix stream engine which had revolutioned workshops or countrysides work.

Livradois, a medium mountainious region, which have streams, rpovide itself thanks to little artisanal whorkshop some stream engine in order to offset and replace the water power when stream were dried, in 1860-1930. The water was the chippest energy which locomobiles, little agricultural machine ran on it.

The second hall proposes the other types of energy used by human beings to eat , to warm and produce goods.

And, plaiters workshop and an area which shows us local knowledges.

In plaiters workshop, wood works mix with new technology. And you’ll understand the rosary elements fabrication and the assembly made by house workers.

2014 visits

  • Savoir-faire locaux (plait and chapelt) 5€/adult and 4€/child.
  • « le marchandisme » (agricultural machine and stream engine) 5€/adult and 4€/child.
  • complete visit (knowledge and machinism) 7€/adult and 6€/child.
  • guided visits 9€/adult and 8€/child.
  • group visits are always with guids 4.5€ to 6.5€/adult and 3.5€ to 4.5€/child.

2014 Opening hours

Open from 12 April to 31 October 2014

  • 12/04 to 30/06
  • 1/07 to 31/08
  • 1/09 to 31/10.

Musée de la Machine Agricole et à Vapeur
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