La Forie, the smallest town

La Forie’s town is the smallest town of Ambert. La Forie is located at 4 km from Ambert. It is at 550 meters altitude. The side is cut along its length by the narrow valley of Batifol ; gushing stream which rises at the foot of the Cross of Fossat. The presence of stream reaches and numerous old local industries gives the town a very special picture where water is present.

This small town of la Forie, the smallest of the district, established along the creek Batifol owes its history to the water. It was recently established by an act of 5 August 1874, at the expense of its neighbors : Job, Ambert and Valcivières. Its creation was motivated by the importance of its industrial activity. Its name is from « factory » in Occitan.

With the rise of stationery of Livradois in 15th century, many mills found along the Batifol hydrauly energy required to operate the paddle wheels, which activated mallets used to prepare the dough for the famous rag paper, specilaty of Ambert.

With the disappearance of stationery, other activities found in La Forie necessary for their implementation conditions, including factories braids, always present and innovative in the territory of the commune. Going up Batifol towards the hamlet of La Boule, many mills, overcome their drier boards attest to this activity, which contributed to the radiation of the region. Today, the town of Forie is fortunate to have several industries and services employing over 200 people and located in the same town of La Forie.

Mairie de La Forie Le Bourg - 63600 LA FORIE Tél : 04 73 82 03 18