Honey of Le Béal (Beurières)

Honey House is a place of beekeeping and honey production of Livradois that is converted into gingerbread, nougat and confectionery ...

Vincent Péricard is primarily beekeeper. 350 hives operations are maintained in the mountains of the Regional Natural Park of Livradois-Forez where natural grasslands, heaths, thickets and forests altitude, allow the production of a range of honeys recognized for their outstanding quality.

At Honey , part of the honey allows the production of nougat, gingerbread, cookies , caramels, chocolates, and mead . Vincent Péricard wished premises Honey House are furnished to visit and allow you to see and understand everything , taste everything ...

So, visit the Honey your way :

  • Any opening time , enjoy our honey mountain Livradois and our products ’home’ ( nougat , gingerbread , mead , etc. . ) , And access to the store.
  • Summer afternoon , visit briefly , but free.
  • Or learn in detail during the tour by the beekeeper , the secrets of bees and their products (with exploration of the interior of a hive macro projected video live ! )
  • Participate in family, Monday at 15 pm, the child movie « Gaspard beekeeper » (with ride , handling beekeeping , taste )
  • Or , at any time , take the « taste of the beekeeper » on the table.
  • Educational activities for school

And when you’ll enjoy our products at home, you will find perfumes of our mountains remembering those good times spent in Livradois-Forez, in Ambert.

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