Producers of organic vegetables (Grandriff)

Sophie and Gildas Montcharmont, producers of organic vegetables at Grandriff, at medium mountain.

Established since 2007 in a privileged place of medium mountain, at 750 m altitude, we principally cultivate on an acre vegetables according to the season. Besides, we also make apple juice. Step by step we extend our production, we also produce beans.

We are present at Ambert’s market, Thursdays morning, you can also come at our farm.

Sale on markets


  • Ambert, Thursdays morning
  • Arlanc, Mondays morning

Sale at farm


  • Wednesday and Fridays from 16 pm to 20 pm
  • Vegetables packets distribution, Friday from 18 pm to 19 pm (Maison de l’alimentation - 8 bis avec des Tuileries- Ambert)

At the organic grocery of Ambert


  • submission of vegetables.

Sophie & Gildas Moncharmont Le Petit Barot - 63600 GRANDRIF Tél. 04 73 82 26 36